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Our favourite wedding socks!

By Jaclyn Benstead

Our favourite wedding socks!

It's not hard to see that socks have become an important factor in the wedding planning process and picking the right socks can make or break an outfit.

Our boxes of different and unique but matching socks make the perfect addition to the groomsmen outfits or even a great gift on the day of the wedding. 

Below we have outlined our favorite boxes of wedding socks for your big day! 

5. Radical Box 98

These bright and sunny socks with a yellow theme look fantastic with a blue or black suit, especially if there will be any yellow flowers in the bouquet. 

Yellow box

4. Classic Box E

Polka dots are in! What would look better than four groomsmen with different colored polka dot socks and the goom with stripes?


3. Radial Socks 92

They may be camouflage but these socks will not be missed at the wedding! Pay homage to the epic paintball bucks party with these socks. 


2. Icon box 103

Want something fun and different but don't want to detract from the pink bowtie or sleek black look you are going for? Try Icon 103 with four different pairs of black socks and one dark navy pair fro the groom. Perfect for his midnight blue suit! 


1. Classic box 99

Our favorite box of wedding socks is classic box 99!! We love this box with its different but matching socks that can represent each of your groomsmen. Two with cute tiny mustaches, two with bright and fun polka dots and a lovely classic tartan. These colors work so well with any rustic wedding and would look amazing in your photos. That is why they are our number one pick for wedding socks! 




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